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Nutrition and geriatrics


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About Bariatrix

A family that cares

Bariatrix Nutrition is a family business. Through three generations, we have made a commitment to understanding and meeting the nutritional needs of those wanting to control their weight.

We are proud of our growing functional food product line and the scientific innovation that went into its development. We will continue to lead in the research and development of new, great-tasting, premium quality food products for professionally managed weight control programs.

Addressing the obesity epidemic

Today, approximately 2/3 of adult North Americans are overweight. As many as ten million are morbidly obese. But these staggering numbers did not happen overnight. The obesity epidemic has been steadily worsening over the past 30 years. During this time, Bariatrix Nutrition’s cutting edge research and development has provided a growing menu of great tasting foods.

Our knowledge and understanding of this severe problem gives Bariatrix a unique experience edge for you to take advantage of. We are the company best prepared to share proven products and technical expertise with bariatric specialists and other medical practitioners who are being overwhelmed with new patients and new challenges.

Our goal is to build professional relationships founded on mutual trust, respect and commitment to fighting an epidemic that threatens even the youngest members of our society.

Go with the leader

Just ask the many physicians, dieticians, nutritionists and bariatricians Bariatrix has worked with over the years, these professionals will tell you that Bariatrix Nutrition is a solid and reliable company that understands the needs of clients – and their practices. That understanding drives constant product evolution and innovation - that others can only follow.

Serving North America and Europe

Leadership in the research, development and distribution of nutrition and weight management food products, supplements and weight loss programs has contributed to Bariatrix’s worldwide growth. Sales offices in the USA, Canada and Europe as well as a strong customer service ethic will provide you with the support you need for positive outcomes.