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Confronting the challenge of change .... together

Many of you know Bariatrix already. But you may not be aware of our renewed commitment to dealing exclusively with the market segment we know best – medical practitioners and their nutrition teams.

We are working hard to keep our premium quality food products and supplements the exclusive domain of weight loss professionals who manage the life changes associated with weight loss. Because we are not an off-the-shelf, quick fix commodity food product for weight loss.

Bariatrix Nutrition has invested over thirty years in state-of-the-industry weight loss product and program development. We provide the best that money can buy for professionally managed nutrition programs. So it’s a win win situation for all concerned.

If we have not heard from you before, we encourage you to try Bariatrix Nutrition’s food, supplements and proven weight loss diets.

We guarantee that your involvement with Bariatrix will contribute to successful outcomes, happy clients and positive change.

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