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Giving you the control you need

Weight loss is a team effort.

To be a leader in the challenge to modify ingrained attitudes and make positive and lasting lifestyle changes, you want the right resources for a safe, ethical and professional practice.

Whether you are established or just starting out, Bariatrix Nutrition can provide you with the food products that comply with a wide range of diet protocols. These can include maintenance diets for non-surgical patients and highly sensitive post-bariatric surgery diets.

Bariatrix Nutrition has been the leader in the field of protein rich food and supplements for medically supervised weight loss programs since 1978. Our products are all based on sound food science and have been developed by a cross-disciplinary team of biochemists, food engineers and scientists – all dedicated to creating great tasting functional food.

Discover high performance taste

Obesity is a complex, multifaceted disease that poses many risks, not just to individuals, but also to society in general.

Those who seek professional help in their weight management programs know that they face a long and involved process of lifestyle adjustments. Ongoing support is needed to set appropriate goals, help change eating habits, optimize knowledge and create a goal-oriented nutritional regimen that will be maintained.

But let’s not forget that for many overweight individuals, food is a major part of their lifestyle and often a significant comfort factor. To deny the individual the satisfaction of great tasting food lowers the odds of success.
This is why we at Bariatrix go out of our way to deliver on taste. Over and over, we are told that we are clear winners on flavor while meeting the highest nutritional compliance and performance standards for medically supervised weight loss programs.