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A reputation built on protein and great taste

One secret to success of our weight management food products is in our unique and long time understanding of the importance of protein in the weight loss equation. Plus, a proven ability to create great taste in a protein-rich product. If you’ve ever tasted raw protein, you know this is no small accomplishment.

We appreciate that protein requirements are much higher during weight loss. We also understand that properly balancing protein with other ingredients can provide the “full factor” that those making significant food intake adjustments need to stay on their program.

Our innovative use of protein with premium quality ingredients delivers flavorful products that satisfy our corporate mission of meeting all nutritional requirements with delicious tasting products.

It’s what sets us apart.

Fast food that functions

When it comes to obesity, many blame the combination of a sedentary lifestyle and increasingly large portions of fatty, fast foods as the primary culprits.

However, this does not change the fact that people in today’s fast moving society want convenience. So from a structured weight loss perspective, you need high quality food products that provide nutrient density, low carbohydrates, taste appeal, portion control, energy and.... convenience.

Bariatrix products meet these goals. Look for our convenient, rigorously managed portions in such products as bars, squares and snacks. And for products requiring preparation it could not be easier or faster. Just add water to Bariatrix shakes puddings and drinks. Plus, our soups and entrées are microwaveable.

And everything tastes great!

Preferred by professionals

Ask anyone. Bariatrix is the gold standard most preferred by weight control practitioners. Which is why we limit our business to dealing directly with these experts. Our products are not available for sale to the general public despite the hundreds of requests we receive yearly. These requests are passed on to the many professionals who have put their trust in Bariatrix to help build their practice.

All our dietary health care products are foods that conform to good manufacturing practices. They are also regulated and comply with all applicable food and drug legislation.

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